End of The Trail Equine Campground

Wildcat Mountain and Kickapoo Trails

Mosquitoes & bugs here are at a minimum
Trail riding is enjoyable all season long!

Beautiful rock outcroppings & streams on both trail systems along with a variety of wildlife, songbirds, and ever changing wildflowers--make this a beautiful place to ride in spring, summer & fall!
Separate trail passes are required for each trail system.
Both can be purchased at End of the Trail or click here to go to the WI DNR

Wildcat Mountain Trailsf

Kickapoo Valley Reserve Trails

 Trail Pass Fees: 
-$4.00 daily 
     -$20.00 annual

Trail Pass Fees:
-Daily $4.00/person
                    *$15.00/family of 4 or more
        -Annual $15.00/person
                    *$30.00/family of 4 or more

Wildcat Trail Access: Leave from our  campground to access trails right from EOT.  Very little road riding to the Green & Blue trail.  20 + miles of trails Trail Access: Exit our drive to the right, ride short distance on the road and enter HAY VALLEY TRAIL which takes you to Rockton.
40+ miles of trails within the reserve
Click the map link below.  When the map opens, click anywhere on the map; when an orange button with four blue arrows pops up, click that to see full size imapge.
Wildcat Mountain Trails
Click the map link below.    You can either open and save or open and print the map for future use.
Riding the Kickapoo
Horses at the Rockton Bar!
Riding Wildcat Mountain